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“Without Expungement,

 Every Sentence

 is a Life Sentence”

The Mission of CSM to promote equal opportunity and equal access

to employment, housing, and higher education for men and women

thathave non-violent criminal backgrounds.“Without Expungement,

every sentence is a life sentence”





Clean Slate Milwaukee, Inc. works to end employment and housing discrimination for individuals with the means for establishing personal legacies of sustainability by educating, advocating and providing life changing opportunities to marginalized populations in general and ex-offenders, single parents, the unskilled, unemployed and underemployed in particular, with the intention of providing stability to families and therefore communities.


Specifically, we seek to remove barriers to sustainability for formerly incarcerated people, develop opportunities for self-sufficiency and family strengthening.  To accomplish the mission Clean Slate Milwaukee, Inc. will remain flexible as it continues to build a reputable policy-oriented organization, nurture partnerships, empower those at risk, research, implement best practices, educate, organize and a and advocate.



A study released in 2014 by researchers at the Employment and Training Institute at the UW-Milwaukee shows that Wisconsin, long known to be among the worst in racial disparities in the criminal justice system, is in fact the worst - by a long shot.

While 6.2% of WI’s population is African American, the same population represents 51% of prison admissions. Milwaukee County makes up 16% of the state’s population; it is responsible for 37% of prison admissions. The report shows that Wisconsin also leads the nation in the rate of locking up Native American men, 7.6 percent, just ahead of South Dakota, where 7.3 percent of Native American men are behind bars. The volume of black males of prime working age imprisoned has increased to such an extent that over half of all African-American men from Milwaukee County in their 30s have been or currently are in adult DOC correctional institutions.

The consensus is long term joblessness leads to homelessness. Long term

homelessness leads to crime. Crime leads to recidivism. It’s an ongoing cycle

of punishment and poverty generation to generation.

Clean Slate MKE proposes a triple win approach, expunge the conviction and

 give people a fresh start. It’s a win for the State of Wisconsin and Illinois by

drastically reducing recidivism therefore saving millions that is currently being

spent of corrections.  A win/win for Wisconsin and Illinois thus generating

 desperately needed revenue throughout the state that can be spent on public schools, transportation and infrastructure projects.

It is an even bigger win for the community- people get a “fresh start. Some individuals tend to work harder when given a second chance. Does expungement equate to a high paying job? No, but it does somewhat level the playing field, It’ll help restore confidence and self-esteem and statistics show that people are less likely to reoffend when given a new beginning.  They get their lives back. Families can come back together, to ultimately work together forming strong thriving communities.